Specializing in the Resale of Franchise Businesses since 1978

Our Team


Jerome Thissen  President & Founder 


Michael Ingram  Vice President 


Alan F. Gallup  Principal 



Denise Bell  Associate Partner 


John Lukac  Partner 


Sr. Managing Director

Connie Jones  Sr. Managing Director 


Helen Trent  Sr. Managing Director 



Rebecca Black  Advisor | CFE 


Barry Burke  Managing Director 


Michael Deegan  Managing Director 


Ellen Hui  Managing Director 


Jeff Jones  Advisor 


Richard Kowalski  Advisor 


Darren Utley  Advisor 


Brittany Solaas  Assoc Advisor I Transaction Mngr 


Cathryn Vallevieni  Advisor 


Paul Wilmoth  Managing Director 



Megan Black  Transaction Manager 


Lisa Burke  Brand Development Specialist 


Ana Gonzalez  Office Coordinator 


Ron Johnson  Lead Generation Specialist 


Andrea Lovell  Executive Assistant 


Alana McGinnis  Project Coordinator 


Paula Parrish  Marketing Manager 


Heidi Price-Knudsen  Transaction Processor